Boost Your Ranking by Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Internet has opened up tons of opportunities to earn money online. It has made many millionaires from paupers. This miracle was possible only by creating their online identity-a website. If you are new entrepreneur and going to start online adventure that is good to have a website. But if you have brick and mortar store you must run to create your online identity to fetch new source of income. Once you get in touch with good website designer and developer working under one roof of a company your journey begins towards creating an SEO friendly website. You have to start thinking boosting your page rank by search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Let’s take a bird eye view over this journey.

Website Loading

It is fact that a visitor hardly waits for more than 5 seconds to load a web page so your website should have attributes like subtle graphics, clean and compact coding and free from use of Flash components so it can load faster. Search engines and visitors both like this.

Meta Tags

They still retain their important. If you don’t have catchy title forget to get clicked your page and crawler try to find out your primary keyword in it. Description serves the purpose to give whatever visitor sought after not keyword stuffing just use your keyword once only. Finally, keywords, primary and secondary searched by lots of effort and applying latest techniques have their existence in content and with relevancy.


Still they are considered as a king despite lots of updates from search engines. Gains more weight than before. As content provides all information a visitor expects not just flopping with useless words and clogged by keywords. Not too short, not too lengthy.

Off-page Optimization

This is a game of earning credits from others by various means.

• A well-written article with relevant anchor text in linking.
• A blog compel to visit search engines regularly.
• A press release broadcast your latest new of your website with link building in bonus
• Get Twitter share, Facebook likes and doing social bookmarking to get weight from social media.

And lots of other activities of SEO to boost your ranking which are out of scope in this short blog.


One Response to Boost Your Ranking by Search Engine Optimization-SEO

  1. gonxbross says:

    waw very much about seo, I’ve implemented a little this way

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